Saturday, October 18, 2008

Swiping Cards... Random Reflections from a Bored and Slightly Disturbed Mind

For those of you who do not know, I work in the cafeteria. I swipe cards, mostly, but I also sort silverware *heh hmm* flatware, sweep floors, mop floors, stack dishes, slop food onto plates, clean up after people, make sure everything is stocked, ect.

I probably am handed 400-500 cards a day. (Soooo many, I know... lol) I try not to think of about it too much, and usually, me being me, I succeed. Mostly, because I have more important things going on in my brain and just don't think about the cards.

Today, however, an incident occurred that make only be able to think about the cards. As one guy was getting a tray and "flatware" lol, he put his card in his mouth. Yes, his mouth. Then he took it from his mouth and handed it to me. I couldn't refuse the guys card. I *had* to take it. I am paid to take it. I will be fired if I don't. So, cringing on the inside, I carefully placed my fingers on the edge of his card, trying to miss the syliva spots and quickly swiped his card, and handed it back to him.

This disturbed me greatly. I was severely grossed out for the rest of the night. I was almost paranoid to take another card. Ew. Where have they been? What have they touched? Is this why I am getting sick? WHERE IS MY HAND SANITIZER WHEN I NEED IT????!!!???!!!???!!

It was bad. For the rest of the night, all I could think was "That was so gross, that was so gross" and I thought of all the possible places the cards have been. Of the germs they have collected. How much disease on college campuses is spread in the cafeteria? Just by swiping a card?

*Le sigh.

Lesson learned: always bring hand sanitizer to work. You never know who eats his card.